Reflections on Scholarship Program (2)

- by Ju Gensheng

By communicating with brothers and sisters from all over this country, we got a clear understanding of true meaning of “Scholarship Program”, and the importance of the visit. I’m thankful to the message that Social Service Department of China Christian Council provides, the help from pastoral staff in Shangqiu church, and especially the kindness of the Lord Jesus giving us the willing heart to participate in charity. It helps us to do real things, sow our love seed, and also helps the children in need to realize the loving home, thus I would like to learn from Ms. Chen Yue and others that we travel together.


The visit in last two days is more substantial and more meaningful. When we present them with books, pens, pencil box, umbrella, teacup and schoolbag, they are all excited, from their innocent smile, I found plain that can ever be found in city children, our family bonds is sublimated step by step by playing games, painting, eating together.


When we played game with them, we could see the cheering faces. Since they are lack of parental love, these several pairs of haggard eyes disturbed me among the children full of innocence. Through our home visit, I got to know that their parents had got divorced, left home, or suffered accident, the old carrying the young survived by farming difficultly, but they almost have nothing.


Let’s look at the next, there is an intellectual disabled mother looking at us without intention. There are only shabby houses and uneven ground. Inside all furnishing is a mass, and we can even see Quotations from Chairman Mao in this mottled wall……I totally learned the word four walls here. The only thing shrinking is certificates of merit on the wall, which record the child’s dream and glory, and witness the growing footprint of the children……no matter how hard the situation is, no matter how miserable home changes, we can be affected by strong will, indomitable and optimistic attitudes towards life from their clear eyes, and the weather-beaten face, hard hands experienced many vicissitudes, which brings out tenacity.


First home, second home, third home……, every time when I saw such scene, I tasted thousands of mixed feelings. We learned how to cherish and reflect ourselves because of the deepest heart touched travel, if it was on behalf of an attitude for me before the visit, it become an responsibility that I must face when I came back.—There is a group of children that need us to do something. And we must do something for them! This is our responsibility! We need to unite the strength of more people, pass love to warm more poor children, and use our shoulders to hold up a little sky for them.


Seeing the beautiful smiles and eager eyes, we can read how meaningful the Scholarship Program is. What we bought are kind feelings and care, not just some school supplies and lunch. We just hope to smooth the trauma of these poor children, and to help them grow with optimistic attitude and healthy body. I hope these children could be hopeful and grateful, have the courage to overcome difficulties in the future, cherish hard-won learning opportunities, use knowledge to change destiny, reward hometown with good results, and we also hope the Scholarship Program can raise more love. In the future, we will continually provide material support and spiritual encouragement for poor student by all means.





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