Reflections on Scholarship Program (1)

- by Zhang Jie

Early in the morning, I opened the curtain, watching the sunrise, there is another new nice day! My mind was still haunted with the visit a few days ago, I slowly made a pot of green tea, and thought about what had I done those years.    I quietly sat in the home with 250 m2, for once, I felt the community was too noisy, but today, exceptionally peaceful. Birds are also casually singing. The largest annual household income of them is not enough for my monthly consumption, and the largest per capita annual income is just the garment which I wear those days. The more I thought, the more I feel guilty.


"My grace is sufficient for you." this is the verse I thought at that moment. Some time ago someone asked me: "if asked to summarize the Father in a single sentence, how would you describe it?" At that time I answered: "justice". But now I will answer: "Righteous". God is love and faith. He always gives me the best, like the visit trip to Shangqiu.


"You do not want to be stronger than all the Jews in palace, which may be exempted from this disaster. If you remain silent, the Jews will get relief elsewhere and saved, you and your father's house will perish. Is not it for today's opportunity that you got the position of queen? " It is what Mordecai said to Esther when the Jews in distress. Because of the love of God, when I look through the Heavenly Wind of March issue, I thought of this. It is also because of the fear of God that I signed up for scholarship program of Shangqiu.


During the whole three days activities, I contacted with recipients children closely, and feel they experienced from the beginning of the tremble, fear, and tension to the released in full at last. What impressed me most is the Home visit: clay house, red brick wall, which would only be seen in the TV at usual, I can’t describe my feeling when I first see it. Is it shocked? joy or peace? Only The Child of God can understand it.


The simple visit gives my whole life a big improvement. The youngest student that receives financial aid is seven years old, and the oldest is fifteen years old, and it really shocks me when I see them. Everyone is either lack of paternal love or mother love. On the premise of completing their study, they have to take care of their grandmother, do housework, and bear the mission to take care the whole family. Thinking about myself, I have never prepared lunch, let alone take care of family. What’s more, those children in distress have fewer smiles than the kids in the city. This is the so-called one may be poor but never ceases to be ambitious. The poor child early master, I hope they would earlier be home host, good host of society.


When I sit in front of my computer, I have a lot of to write, and to express my feeling. The move in my heat keeps pouring. Did they go to school today? When I will see them again? When this event comes to an end, I return to my city, and everyone return to their starting line. In this starting line, everyone could participate in, but it will never end. Because of this starting line, my life would never superficial, and my spiritual life will continue to thrive.





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