The Formal Opening of CCC Elderly Service Training in Hangzhou

On July 3rd, 2012, national-wide elderly service training courses opened in 7th floor of Hangzhou Christian YWCA, which is organized by Social Service Department of China Christian Council (CCC) and Hangzhou Christian Elderly Service Center. The first session training will last from July 3rd to 6th, we had invited two experts separately from No.1 Shanghai Elderly Home and No. 3 Elderly Home, and also three experts from Hong Kong Anglican Welfare Association, their lectures will all focus on the dementia caring concepts and skills. There are 57 participants from 35 church-run elderly homes among 15 provinces and cities in this course.


Rev. Kan Baoping, the General Secretary of the CCC attended the opening ceremony, he emphasized the importance of the professional nursing and the separation of church evangelism and professional service, an elderly home should adhere to its institutional mission.


Opening Ceremony



After opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Naizi, the president of the No.1 Shanghai Elderly Home, and outstanding expert of standard construction assessment team of Welfare Center in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, began the first-day training program on the new concept of institutional care for the elderly.



According to his own experience in elderly homes and the current situation of the elderly service , Mr. Zhang analyzed the current problems in nursing, and put forward the solutions for improvement. Through his picture showing and explanation, Mr. Zhang showed the participants some of the practices of foreign institutions in the elderly care services, such as people-oriented nursing concept, respect for the elderly privacy, and signature treatments, etc; finally, Mr. Zhang introduced new concepts of dementia care for the elderly to the participants.





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