The Graduation Ceremony of the First Session of
“One Hundred Pairs of Good Parents Training” Held in Hefei Church

The first session of “One Hundred Pairs of Good Parents Training”, sponsored by China Christian Council and Nethersole Foundation, finished with a perfect end. The graduation ceremony of the training began with pray from Pastor Huang Baojun was held on June 23rd, Pastor Xue Lianxi delivered a speech and issued the certification of “Good Parents” to all of the trainees. They also took photos together. And the ceremony closed with joy and thanksgiving.


The training lasts for two months which began on April 24th. The organizer of the training prepares 100 places and classifies four sessions with 25 per session. Consequently, the registration did have to stop since the number beyond 120 within two days. Thus, most brothers and sisters were excluded of the training. In order to avoid pity, the scale of each class grew from 25 to 30, and several observer places were also added. Actually, the number of the attendants of the first session of the training was 37. All of the trainees study with passion, one of them said “Honestly speaking, I learn the first class with hesitation…to my surprise, the first class teaches me so much and attracts me, I feel that I am enjoying a wonderful journey…”


Graduation ceremony


Pastor Xue Lianxi, president of TSPM of Anhui and senior pastor of Hefei Church, concluded “Such a host scene, such a warm response, reflects the huge demand of training projects from church and society, which shows the ministry is very necessary and timely…CCC attaches great importance to the training, sends co-workers to inspect and observe classroom and offers a high degree of certainty to the training.” Pastor Xue encouraged Huang Huaiyu, Zhao Yuhong, Zheng Chenggong and other trainers, staffs and trainees. He said “Redouble their efforts, and continue to study and practice. After the training, the church will continue to support the project to comply the needs of social development and help more people, and makes the brand of Christian social service in Hefei.”


Pastor Huang and the trainee


Pastor Xue and the trainee


Pastor Yao and the trainee


All of the trainees thanked for the sponsorship from CCC and Nethersole Foundation, which enabled them to gain such a valuable learning opportunity. They all felt that the training beyond their expectation and gained more, and the training made them understand that they owe so much to their children, and changed them more upon education ideas and techniques, couple relationship and parent-child relationship. Each class was one testimony of God’s Almighty, which makes them awe Lord more deeply. Seven trainees made their decision to be a Christian on the last lesson. When they received the delicate-made certification of “Good Parents”, they felt rather joyful and holy. And they red the declaration of good parents, and prepared to influence their neighbors and bring the Gospel to more people. Give children a happy and healthy life, and bless more families.


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