The 1st Session of Social Service Capability Training among Sichuan Church Turned Out a Success

Social service capability training among Sichuan Church organized by CCC and Sichuan provincial CC held at Shangxiang church in Chengdu City from April 25th to April 27th. A total of 52 church leaders and layworkers who are engaged in social service participated in this training workshop, they come from 21 churches in Sichuan Province.


The training aims at enhancing the awareness of social service among churches. After realizing the social needs of both churches and communities, they may take initiatives to conduct projects in order to practice Christian faith “Glorify God and benefit human beings”.



The main contents of the training conclude: (1)Christianity and basic ideas of social work, (2)How to understand church social service concerning with Christian thoughts and Chinese traditional culture, and (3)the development prospects of church social service in the context of religious policy changing. Besides, the Department of Social service of CCC introduced the projects and social service agencies in different magnitudes from both local and overseas. And Luzhou Church shared their experience of social service development.



Mr. Liu Binzhi, assistant professor of the Department of Social Work of Chongqing Normal University, analyzed the relationship between pastoral work and social work, recommended the models of church social work and taught the value of social work, relevant theories, social work methods and techniques and social service fields that churches may expand. The lecture not only contained lots of details, but also deeply impressed the church leaderships through interesting and humorous words and vivid cases.



Dr. Yue Qinghua, general secretary of Fujian provincial CC, combined Chinese traditional culture and Christian theological thoughts to understand church social service in china. He reviewed social service thoughts and their features in different periods, and concluded the historical law of social service in china, and introduced social service theories within creation theology and salvation theology. Dr. Yue also encouraged all participants to seize opportunities and recognize challenges and develop social service ministry under the condition of religious policy changing. When it comes to learning history, considering the reality which we face and designing future development, the lecture given by Dr. Yue had profound significance.



In the last part of training, all pastoral staffs divided into several groups to share and discuss warmly. And the representatives among them gave their words. There were two topics: (1) In the current development stage of economic and society, considering the reality, how do churches account for social responsibility and realize the indigenization of Christianity; (2) Since the government encouraged a vigorously development of culture and religious charity, how do churches develop strengths and integrate resources to develop social service.



The 1st training closed with attendants’ positive participation and discussion and share.


The organizer also assigned all attendants to write project plans to prepare for future training in the next session.




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