Love is Heart to Heart - Clothes Distribution in Liupanshui of Guizhou Province

The winter in Liupanshui of Guizhou is terribly cold and long this year. Now it is March of 2012, but it is still chilly, the love far away from Shanghai Fuyin Church and China Christian Council (CCC) makes the brothers and sisters to feel the warmth of spring in the area living with ethnic minority group.


On March 9th, 2012, a total of 37 bags of clothes donated by brothers and sisters from Fuyin Church of Shanghai were sent to Liupanshui Christian Council (LCC)by CCC. In the next day, the first batch of clothes (5 bags) was sent to Caigandan Church.




On March 25th, LCC raises some fund to send the send batch of clothes to Muguo churches.






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