Love in Action - a Testimony of Hospice

Editor: In 2011, CCC supported a church in Yunnan Province to conduct hospice service for the AIDS patients in order to help them while leaving the world with dignity. This article is the case record by a sister who serves them.


It has been such a long time since I met him many years ago. The first impression he gave me was that he was tall and strong, bald head with unmeaning look, much like the gang leader. In this May’s activity, I met him again. After chatting with him, I learnt that he came to participate in the activity and I felt grateful to hear that. During that time of group activity, one part was to propagate the HIV/AIDS control and “Positive Prevention” among people living with HIV/AIDS. In the course, I glanced at him, and through his sight, I found that there was some soft things inside his heart and he also had great needs to ask for help. What’s pity was that I didn’t get the chance to communicate with him individually afterwards. But, after one month, I learnt that he was sent to compulsory drug rehabilitation center.


Our team staff went to rehabilitation center to visit him twice. However, when we saw him outside the rehabilitation center, we could not believe our eyes that his former gang leader look had gone. He cried and told us that he got sick and wanted to go to hospital. But we were also told that his sister had sent him to hospital before, but he still sought for drug even he was very weak, his sister was so angry and disappointed to leave him alone, and then he also left that hospital.


We all felt sorry for his experiences, and in the noon of 28th November, one of our team staff found him in the out-of-the-way corner that he was too weak to say any word. Then, another 3 staff and I got to the spot, and we decided to take him to our caring center. Brother Ye found a cart to take him and he leant in Brother Ye’s arm. Because our caring center is at 4th floor, after we helped him to get to the second floor, he was so weak and sat on the stairs. Brother Ye volunteered to carry him on the back and other staff helped to push him behind, and it took us lots of energy to get to the 4th floor finally. Staff helped to make a bed where could be exposed to sun and bought him milk, food and some daily necessities. We also brought flowers at his bedside so as to make his room warm and fragrant. One of staff helped him to have some water, after a while, the participants in our project also came to encourage him. In the evening, he had dinner with all the people who visited him in caring center.


After dinner, I sat at his bedside and asked him whether I can talk about God and his grace. He nodded his head to agree with us, our staff and I all prayed for him that night for God’s curing his illness and saving his soul. Brother Ye stayed in the caring center to company him and read Bible for him. Next day morning, I contacted with specialist in the hospital in order to send him to live in the hospital and get better treatment, and the specialist agreed. When we were finding people and car for transportation, he left us at 9:20 a.m.…calm and peace


Then we began to contact with his family, although they had many complaint on him, they were still moved by helps we did for him. Everyone was calm on the spot because we all believed that his soul was saved. I started to look back the hospice we delivered in the past years with heart full of grace. God prepared staff and their kindness for the patient. In these 2 days, the time elapsed quickly, while the work was fully prepared and considerate. The whole process was the revelation of God’s love, and it was also a comfort to all the 20 students who come to study Bible and who are also the people infected with HIV/AIDS. They know that most of people who have the similar experiences of “him” would die in the street or even toilet, with no dignity…


In the afternoon, we had the Bible study as usual, students felt more hopeful about their life. And on that day, we got 2 new students who were touched by the story heard from our students.





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