Dazhou Gospel Delivering Disease Prevention Training and Medical Service

From March 8th to 10th, 2012, seven doctors and nurses from Gospel Church-run Clinic came to an extremely remote Tujia Middle School in Longquan, Xuanhan. After five hours’ bumping on hill roads, they arrived there on the afternoon of 8th. And they conducted the trainings for the teachers and students on disease prevention and they also delivered medical service for them.


There are many left-behind children in Longquan Middle School. And most of them stay on the campus, but the accommodation is not so good. What’s more, the children are lack of health care knowledge. And diseases as scabies, influenza, mumps may be always found in them. For the situation, doctors and nurses gave a serial of lectures such as how to prevent influenza and scabies, provided free diagnosis and treatment to more than 200 teachers and students who are in need, and granted medicines valuing five thousands at least. The teachers and students of Longquan Middle School warmly welcome them and thanked to their good deeds.


Through disease prevention training and medical service given by Gospel, all the teachers and students could embrace a well life and health habit, and learn more health knowledge and improve their life quality. When their family members learnt from them, Longquan will appear a well healthy environment. People living there can avoid disease as far as possible, and enhance their life quality. Teaching the congregations do good deeds during Lent is a vivid performance of Gospel in Tongchuan District.






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