A Delegation headed by Rev. Liu Bin from Shanghai Community Church came to Shaanxi for Project Visit

Right after the terrible earthquake on May 12th in Sichuan, Shanghai Community Church (SCC) immediately worked on the relief work against the earthquake and advocated the Christians to donate for the disaster areas. In the beginning of 2009, SCC contacted with China Christian Council (CCC) and wished to help the often-neglected disaster areas. After the communication with Shanxi Christian Council with the help of CCC, they decided to carry out the collapsing school reconstruction in Fu County, Yanan Prefecture of Shaanxi Province.



From Dec. 3rd to 4th 2009, with the company of staff from CCC, a delegation with three members from SCC headed by Rev. Liu Bin came to Yanan Prefecture of Shaanxi Province to understand the current condition and development strategy of Nanhegou Primary School in Yanchang County, they also paid the onsite visit for Nandaode Primary School, further more, they visited Baota Church in Yanan City and Gumaozhou Church in Fu County in the journey.



In the morning of Dec. 3rd, the delegation in the chilly weather spent 8 hours from Xi’an City to Yanchang County by car. When they arrived in the county-seat, the plan to visit the Nanhegou Cave School had to be canceled due to the freezing bumpy road and the darkness, so the staff from Yanchang Education Bureau introduced the current condition and the development plan for us. There are 280 pupils in this primary school and it is the only one complete primary school, but some of the students still have to stay in the dim and collapsing cave to have class.



In the morning of Dec. 4th, the delegation accompanied by Mr. Zhang Anping, Deputy Director of Yanan Religious Affair Bureau visited Baota Church of Yanan City, this church was established in 1996 and there were only 4 caves at the very beginning. As the increase of Christians, brothers and sisters decided to construct a church building. But since there was no flat land, they had to remove half of the mountain besides the caves and then constructed a church building that can hold 500 people and a training building that can accommodate 70 people for living.


Afterwards, the delegation visited Nandaode Primary School with the accompany of Mr. Ma, County governor and other officials. There are 227 pupils in this school and about 100 of them are boarding students. The dormitory was constructed in 1950s-1970s, and the teaching building was set up in early 1980s, and all of them are become collapsing.


After the visit in school, the delegation had a discussion with related government offices about the school construction. In the meeting, Governor Ma invited the delegation to visit the school again after it is completed next year, Rev. Liu Bin expressed the support for the education of Fu County and hoped to continue to keep the cooperation with this school after school construction in order to increase the teaching level of this school.



When the discussion was ended, the delegation visited Guzhoumao Church in Fu County which is located in the county-seat, but is very simple. The brothers and sisters in this church gave a simple introduction to the delegation and also showed the construction blueprint of the church.

After the visit of the church, the delegation returned back to Xi’an City and Rev. Wang Jun, President of Shaanxi Christian Council met with the delegation. He expressed his thankfulness for the support of SCC and Rev. Liu Bin hoped to have further cooperation with Shaanxi churches.

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