China Christian Council Conducted Training of Trainers on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Hunan Province

On Nov. 4th to 6th 2009, China Christian Council (CCC) held the Training of Trainers (TOT) on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Jingzhou Miao Ethnic Autonomous County of Hunan Province with the technical and financial assistance from World Relief. From last year, CCC started to carry out the TOT in most prefectures of Hunan province for the backbones of church leaders and community leaders in order to have more well-equipped trainers in church and community.


In this training, the reference book is compiled by Dr. Song Huang from Beijing Normal University and HIV/AIDS Prevention team from Hunan Christian Council. To have a demonstration to other trainers, Dr. Song conducted the training in person with the participation of church leaders and social workers from Jingzhou Miao Ethnic Autonomous County. This training helps the church to realize the importance of social service and working with social forces to construct the harmonious society, while society will have more complete understanding of church.



After the training, the participants made their detailed campaign plans of HIV/AIDS Prevention; they decided to apply what they learnt in the class to make more people understand HIV/AIDS.

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