An Introduction to the 2nd Street Community Health Service Station of Tongchuan, Dazhou In Sichuan Province

The 2nd Street Community Health Service Station of Tongchuan, Dazhou in Sichuan Province (hereinafter referred to as the health service station) is a health project started by the Dazhou City Christian Church. The service is run by both members of the community and of the church.

In May 2006 the Church’s original gospel clinic evolved and formed the basis of the health service station.


The service station is located between the suburb of Tongchuan and the 2nd Street area, with an area of approximately 1 square kilometer, a population of 52,066 long-term residents and 2400 migrants, and is under the jurisdiction of the 13th Residents Group. The service station space occupies 450 square meters, and currently has a staff of nine, including five doctors, three nurses, and a general staff member. Amongst the nine staff members, three hold intermediate grade titles, while another four have junior titles.


It has general medical care facilities, alongside a variety of others including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine & surgery, a health education classroom, a laboratory, an observation room, a recovery room, a vaccination room, childrens’ & womens’ health rooms, information archives, and a pharmacy.


In November 2007, the health service station passed the Sichuan Province Health Department’s compliance inspection with ease, and is the only health service station in Dazhou City run by volunteers to have passed the inspection. There have been numerous on-site inspection visits by provincial, municipal, and district leaders of various levels, all of whom were pleased with what they witnessed.


After four years of operation, the health service station has an average monthly volume of 379 patients, amongst whom 162 opted for traditional Chinese medicine. All the health station’s visitors had positive impressions of its service.


The station also conducts a monthly health education seminar for community residents, and organizes volunteer tours for 8-10 medical staff to visit the Dazhou countryside’s 34 rural halls, which is well-received wherever they travel.


The Church believes that running the community health service station is in line with improving the Church’s image and reception, and in improving the lives of those in the community both near and far from the Church, so that everyone in the community and within the church can share in better health and wellbeing by having easier access to seeking medical care.


Whilst the 2nd Street Community Health Service Station utilizes appropriate medical technology and techniques for community residents, the Church strives to provide the “Six-In-1” integrated services of: medical treatment, prevention, care, welfare, rehabilitation, health education, and a family planning service.


In August 2011, the health service station fully adopted zero-profits on nationally-defined essential drugs, to better benefit the wellbeing of both community members and church members alike. With an emphasis on disease prevention via giving residents health knowledge, the station aims to teach residents to establish a healthy lifestyle to improve their quality-of-life.








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