An Introduction to Urumqi Amity Nursing Home

Of Urumqi City’s 28 currently registered nursing homes, Amity Nursing Home is the only Christian one. Even though outwardly its facilities appear to lag behind those of other nursing homes, for four consecutive years Amity Nursing Home has gained an advanced title in city-wide civil-star ratings, thanks to its outstanding service.


The nursing home’s management, along with its care, cleaning, catering, finance and various other groups, take charge of their responsibility to their residents: regularly holding meetings to communicate working conditions, and solving issues as soon as they are identified.

Positive feedback regarding the nursing home’s management mentioned its outstanding performance in:


1. The good quality of meals. As much as possible these are designed with a reasonable diet for the elderly in mind. Apart from combinations of fish, meat, dumplings, and vegetables to choose from, at least three to four times a week Amity Nursing Home blends its own fresh soy milk and cooks eggs to boost residents’ nutritional intake, which is especially important in later life.


2. The excellent attitudes of staff. Staff members are all extremely respectful and caring towards the elderly residents. No cases of rudeness, disrespect, or abuse of any kind have ever occurred at the nursing home.


3. High levels of sanitation. Even though over 70% of the residents are aged 80 or older, the conscientious staffs of the sanitation group are dedicated to providing the elderly with a clean, tidy and most importantly cozy living environment.


4. Low fees. The nursing home’s fees are said to be the lowest in the entire city. For example, for independent residents: a 700RMB monthly fee covers meals, hairdressing, laundry, bathing facilities, and all other basic living expenses. This is lower than other nursing homes by at least 200-400RMB.


5. Its transparent accounting. Often seen as a model for the city, the transparency of the nursing home’s clear financial situation has repeatedly won praise in civil-reviews.


Under the care of all the nursing home’s staff, there have also been many impressive testimonies to their work. One such example involves Elder Wu, who was carried in upon a stretcher by family members on his first day at the nursing home, speechless and in what can be said to be a state near death. But after intensive care from the nursing home staff, less than six months later not only was he once again able to speak, but also able to lead the morning prayers. All the elderly residents said, “praise and thanks be to God”, for it was the Lord’s love that watched over them, and made them feel secure and comfortable in their old age.


An energetic Elder Wu, who six months earlier had been near-death




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