Spiritual Journey - Distribution of Scholarship in Dingxi

As an everyday worker in the Social Services department, I was fortunate enough to attend a grants ceremony in Dingxi Prefecture of Gansu Province. In this ceremony I personally witnessed our brothers and sisters expressing their love for God.


Together with Chairman Kang and General-Secretary Kou of the Gansu Christian Council, we visited Dongfang Hong Middle School in Anding District of Dingxi Prefecture on behalf of our Church Council to present grants to students sponsored by our Church.


Before the ceremony began, fellow students and family members of the recipients were already seated in anticipation of our arrival, and were very excited.


During the grant ceremony organized by the school, Chairman Kang spoke to the students of her hope that they could make use of their brothers' and sisters' praises in leading a good life, in motivating them to persevere in learning, to look after those around them, and to share kindness in their actions.


The majority of the family members were countryside farmers, some wearing old-fashioned humble grey clothes. Many of the parents continuously shook Chairman Kang's hand, reluctant to let go while expressing their thanks and gratitude. One mother after receiving the envelope, could not hold back her emotions, and burst into tears.



Regarding the Christmas present our brothers and sisters received -- a stationary pack -- the children were also very excited. Some students, eager to use their new coloring pens, wrote down their appreciation to our brothers and sisters, and also their colorful dreams. They had different characters, some had a lively sense of humor, and some had a love for literature and learning, some were shy and simple, while others had big dreams.

Each and every child was adorable, and seemed to be radiating happiness and hope, and made it hard to leave.





After the presentation of the grants and Christmas presents, we chatted with the children, and learned about their learning and living conditions. The children were all very cute, and eager to ask me questions. Some students spoke of their education difficulties, others of looking to the future, while those graduating were very interested in the outside world.


On the way back I read some of the inner monologues the students wrote, my heart was filled with emotion. We could only help a little, but they were extremely grateful. As children of God, how could we possibly turn a blind eye to their thirst for knowledge, how could we let them not have an education, and live on the streets. We want to follow the examples of Jesus so we can endeavor to serve these children. With Christmas around the corner, I hope that more and more of our brothers and sisters will become aware of these poor children, as we now are, and have the chance to share with them.





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