A Drinking Water Project has been Successfully Completed in Baihe County of Shaanxi Province

Baihe County is located in the southern part of Shaanxi Province, Sanyuan village in Baihe County is in a very remote and mountainous area. There are 1,120 people in this village which only have 217 acres of arable land. The annual net income per capita is 1,876 Yuan (About 300 US$). Villagers are living in straitened circumstances.


Before this project started, there were three natural villages with 600 villagers who live in the very high mountain. They had to walk a very long, steep and narrow mountainous alley to fetch water because the water source is far away from their houses. If it is in bad weather, it will be more difficulty for them to fetch water. When local church noticed this problem, they reported to Shaanxi Christian Council for help. After the onsite investigation, CCC decided to support this drinking water project.


In October 2011, the project had been completed successfully and put into operation. On 3rd December 2011, staff from CCC came to Baihe County to conduct the acceptance check. During the visit, villagers were very delighted when mentioning the completion of the drinking water project.


Local people set up a tablet for this drinking water project


Five-level catchment in snow


Tap water makes grandma convenient to cook and wash





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