A Witness in Fude Senior People's Home of Heilongjiang Province

As the re-establishment of Fude Senior People’s Home in Harbin City, it is quite often to see the senior people gather together for chatting, playing games, reading bibles, and sharing the testimonies in the yard, what a nice life!


Rev. Lv, president of Harbin Christian Council (HCC), and Rev. Li, deputy president of HCC often visit senior people in the Home, the seniors in the Home also like them very much.



Ms. Zhang Guixia, 94 years young, is the oldest in the Home. She does not have children, so she moves into this Home. Now she lives in a big apartment with TV, air-conditioner, and rest-room inside apartment, she is quite happy about the complete equipment which makes her life easier. She loves to chat with other seniors, and also love to read bible. She often says, “I don’t have to worry about food and clothes, it is much beyond my expectation, how grace the Lord is!”



Pastors from HCC brought some necessities for senior people; some of them even were moved to tears because they thought they were the most blessings living in the Home. Some senior people need stay in bed due to various reasons; the nurses will deliver the delicious food to their rooms.


Granma Li is 81 years old, she stayed with her children in the past, and his children all respected him, but they had to work all day long, she was left at home in daytime. She said, “One person is too lonely, walking from bedroom to dinning room, then to kitchen, no one will be available.” One day, she heard that church also had a senior people’s home with good equipment and condition, then she conducted an onsite visit, finally she said she would like live in Home. At the beginning, all their children didn’t agree, but she insisted on. At last, she moved into Home. His children and grandchildren often visited her, when they found she lived a wonderful life here, so no one oppose it.






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