Ceremony for the completion of primary school building in Nandaode Township of Shaanxi Province

Nandaode Primary School was a very shabby but the key school in Nandaode Township of Shaanxi province, its dormitory building was built from 1950s-1970s, and the teaching building was built in the 1980s, many teaching building has become dangerous with poor maintenance.


In December 2009, Shanghai Community Church (SCC) through CCC decided to support the school with 500,000 Yuan donation to rebuild school buildings. After one-year construction, it is successfully completed early in 2011. In September, CCC and SCC came to the school and attended the opening ceremony of new school.


On the opening ceremony, pastors from SCC brought a lot of gifts to the students and even two computers for the school.


The new school building


The new studying environment inside building


Taking pictures with students



Quotation from the letters of sponsored students
A Witness in Fude Senior People's Home of Heilongjiang Province