Quotation from the letters of sponsored students

After CCC formally launched the project to support financially-poor students, we always get generous support from our beloved brothers and sisters, their prayers make these students be confidence in their students and achieve more in their studies. In recent days, we received some appreciation letters from students from Yan’an of Shaanxi Province, let’s share their joy and gratitude.




The gentle grass can grow because of generosity of the dew. The pearl can reflect brilliant splendor because of the oyster's pregnancy. The green grass gives its gratitude to the dew, and the pearl gives its thankfulness to the clam because they are the source of energy. Your help is beyond the words to say thank you, you not only help me overcome the financial problem, but more important brings me confidence as well. (Ms. Yang LuoNa)


When I felt helpless because of poverty, you are right there with your big love for me, giving me courage to overcome difficulties. (Ms. Qiang Hong)


When I hesitated about expensive tuition, when I felt sorry that our family can not a living even with my parents’ hard working day and night, when I saw unaffordable reference books which were important for my study, it is YOU giving me a loving hand and help me out of difficulties. (Mr. Guo Jiahao)


I want to be an eagle flying in the sky, I also want to be an ambitious running horse. You in right time stretch your hands pushing me forward with your generous help, my dream will come true. (Ms. Yang Jiejie)



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Ceremony for the completion of primary school building in Nandaode Township of Shaanxi Province