China Christian Council Donated 550 Wheelchairs to Luntai Disabled Persons Federation in Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region





China Christian Council (CCC) donated 550 wheelchairs to Luntai Disabled Persons Federation through Urumchi Christian Council and Disabled Persons Federation of Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (DPFBMAP). Besides the representatives of disabled persons, Mr. Xiao Yunxiao from CCC, Mr. Puerwai, the chairman of DPFBMAP, Mrs. Liu Li, deputy chairman of DPFBMAP, and the representatives from government, people’s congress, and CPPCC were present on the ceremony. Mr. Xiao Yunxiao on behalf CCC delivered a speech to encourage the disabled friends to constantly strive for better life. Further more, this donation benefited disabled people from Han, Uigur and Mongolian Chinese.

China Christian Council Working with Free Wheelchair Mission Donated 1,100 Wheelchairs to Jilin Foundation for Disabled Persons