A Witness of Shanxi Christian Training Center

Shanxi Christian Training Center, located at Yuci of Shanxi Province, has been built the rudiment since 2003. But the center has not been put into use due to the fund problem. In the early 1990s, Shanxi Christian Council had a plan to open the Christian Training Center. But, in fact, the plan still is a plan, because the fund is short. Nevertheless, Shanxi Christian Council has not gave up and made the dream come true until 2009.



On September 7th, 2009, the training center began to put into service. Then, Shanxi welcomed the first snow in October. Children ran in excitement as snow fell in the street. But, in the cold classroom of the training center, over 50 students and teachers looked at the heavily-falling snow out of the window and the grief came to their mind. People felt that the temperature inside building was lower than the one outside. The school had not enough money to buy more equipment to keep warm after they just finished the project. Faced with the cold arising suddenly, many students were too cold to leave school, and the school had to be dismissed. The first semester of the training center, which used for only two months, ended in a hurry.



It is important to mention that some sisters contributed a lot to the training center and brought about warmth to the students and teachers. One sister donated 67 blankets. And there are a lot of people who took their quilts and mattress to training center. These sisters fluffed the old cotton again, all of 100 beds had been completed with the hard work of warm-hearted sisters.



The center was equipped with boilers, computers, and photocopiers with the support of Nethersole Fund. Now the provincial training center is on a good operation which can train hundreds of students each year.






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