A Story of a Rural Woman Named Chen Yuqin

This is a typical Chinese family, a couple and their child. Mrs. Chen’s husband is a migrant worker, so she herself takes the responsibility of bringing up their child, and the heavy burden of all the housework and farm work falls on her back. Since only 2 people are left at home and she becomes the only manpower. In the beginning of project, Mrs. Chen was unwilling to take part in any activities in the village. Actually, she also has no more energy to join in.

In the pre-work for the water cistern construction, the leader of township went around the whole village to learn the situation of every household. Mrs. Chen expressed her desperate desire to get one. She said, “because of the low economic condition, my family has to build a small-scaled cistern in the past. Now, it is not solid enough to use. In the year with abundant rain, we can just collect the water for daily drinking and use; if it is always the drought weather like this year, no water will be collected. Now, we have to buy water from the neighboring village.” Besides the labor cost, the transportation cost and the price on water charges 70-80 CNY for one trip. Even, the water can only be used for a few days. Her husband is working outside, as a female, she can do nothing. When talking about this, she began to cry……The construction of cistern needs not only the money but also the man power. Considering her situation, we asked her to mobilize her friends, relatives and neighbors to help. It is expected that after the completion of water cistern construction, the drinking problem in Chen’s family would be solved and she could feed a few more cattle and sheep to increase the income. And, she also would have spare time to participate in the training and development activities.

Mrs. Chen lives in a peasant family, and she is honest, unsophisticated, kind and sincere. The heavy burden made her numb in the past, and she even didn’t like to be involved in any of the affairs in the village. By solving the drinking problem in her family, she had a few time to do her own things. And through participating in our activities, she has been totally changed. Her optimistic attitude and positive participation could be seen in many occasions including physical examination, the production and self-development training, and the folk performances. Meanwhile, no matter the treatment of barren mountains, returning the farmland to forest, repairing roads and canals and the adjustment of industrial structure, or the voluntary work, she always made active response to the call of those activities.

In the time of “technology makes fortune”, Mrs. Chen began to learn that the solution of poverty is the knowledge. Although her educational level is just at the primary school level, she actively joined in the training and was confident to increase the family’s income by the technology. Up to now, she has mastered the planting by using mulch and other dry farming techniques. Especially, during the time of industrial structure adjustment and promotion on the technology of planting potatoes with mulch, she took the initiative to plant 13 mu (about 0.867 hectare) of potatoes. Now, she has become more capable in the village. Even though her husband is working outside of the village, she alone can also take care of the whole family proficiently. Besides being the pillar in the family, she is a good helper and strong woman in the eyes of neighbors’, because she is considerate and is ready to do favor to neighbors. In Da Xiaping Village, most of men are migrant workers and the female were left at home. If there is some troubles happened to these women, Mrs. Chen always delivers warm visit and help, no matter it is winter or summer.

Mrs. Chen is one of the ordinary rural women in Da Xiaping Village. She had not strong capability and also didn’t make a great achievement before, but with the participation in the integrated development project, she got the opportunity to have a deep learning about the idea of “technology makes fortune”, and acts under her own open and independent opinion. So the change is significant, she not only set the example of a warm-hearted friend and neighborhood, but also becomes the role model of other women for her optimistic attitude and diligence to make family prosperous. We are looking forward to seeing more positive impacts on these women……



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