Love as light, love as salt, love is all around

Many children living in large cities perhaps have been tired of their parents signing up many training classes for them including mathematics class, English classes, and music class, etc. They really want to escape from all of them, and then go to KFC, McDonald's to have a satisfactory meal; but under the same sky, other children from some poverty-stricken places grieve over their childhood because they cannot afford tuition fee or have a full meal.


Fortunately, the love come from our brothers and sisters just like the light in the dark and seed-sowing in their hopeful fields. Last year we funded some children who are in need, some of them wrote their innermost thoughts and feelings in the letter. Let us share what they want to say.


Mr. Chen Xiaolong    Gansu Province
I sincerely thank for your help, because of the society having so many people as you all, children like us in the poor areas are going to have the nice future.

Mr. Jia Bo           Gansu Province
In our family, all hard works are done only by my mother. But I understand they still have hope that is me, who is a high school student. I will never disappoint her. 


Ms. Xia Liping          Gansu Province
This money is not only reducing the burden of my mother, the more important is to bring my spiritual comfort. I know there are still some people concerning about me. That let me be convinced that the world still have true love. Although I understand the "thank you" words is not adequate, but I still have to sincerely say to you “thank you".


Ms. Yang Yanchun       Gansu Province
Luckily, I was honored for the financial aid. To be honest, I was so touched and moved when I first received my first financial aid. Because I was never thought I could have this much of money just for study. Now I can afford stationary and books that I need, also it has helped my living condition. More importantly, it has inspired me to believe there is a better future out there. Here, I sincerely thanks for the people who have generally provided this financial aid for me.

Ms. Yang Caixia         Gansu Province

The first year of my senior high was miserable. I couldn’t afford much of food because I only have had weekly living expense of 20 Yuan. I could only eat dried pancake and instant noodle day after day. Sometimes, I couldn’t eat just because I need to save money. I didn’t feel depressed, contrarily, I realized that only get into a good university is the only way to change my current situation and to bring hope into my family. However, because of lacking nutrients, my condition was not very well, sometimes, my body feels ache. But something changed after receiving your financial aid, not only I can afford books and stationery, but also I can afford milk, fruits and other nutrients. It has helped me increasing my study efficiency and also helped my body condition.


Mr. Dong JianKe          Gansu Province
I can't ensure the future by plain sailing, but I can do it in a combat process, with the utmost sprint to the life, forward progress. “In obscurity, scholars would maintain their own integrity. In times of success, they would make perfect the whole world.”


Mr. Su Wenliang          Gansu Province
I hope that I can be admitted to FuDan University, to finish my university dream. I hope I will be scientific research personnel, to change the condition of the hometown of scientific research, to help the hometown people having a good life, and at the same time dedicate my part to our motherland.


Ms. Liu Yazhen            Gansu Province
From time immemorial, Chinese people all know that repay as much as you can for even a little bit of favor you have received. I cannot ensure for that I would become a person who will be how wonderful and outstanding talent, or how to return to these people who help me. But for one thing that I can be sure of is I will work hard and prepare myself, to let you know that your aid for me was well worth your general giving. I have the courage and faith to make sure myself that I will well use my time and my youth, so that I can be prepared for a bright future. 

Mr. Li Pengjun            Gansu Province
In order to be full of confidence to take the examination, I'm trying to learn. I believe that "God helps those who help themselves ". Each time we sow seeds, water it, and you will reap a good harvest. I made some progress, because of my persistency. Though it is not outstanding, but also I can have a clear conscience.


Mr. Zhang Hong           Gansu Province
For the future, I have big dreams to help China becoming a rich, strong and prosperous country. I will pass my love on, benefit the society, and become the symbol of love. It will never end.


Ms. Wang Qiqian          Gansu province
As a student of class one, grade two, I put the 46 Yuan to the our class, and a part for buying some reference material, the rest part to keep in reserve for buying some reference material in the future.




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