Poor-equipped Senior People’s Home and Warm-hearted Nurses

On July 15th, 2011, two project officers from social service department of China Christian Council (CCC) together with Pastor Fengque Liu, the General Secretary of Hubei Christian Council, went to Yichang City in Hubei Province to conduct an inspection on the equipment installment for Qingxin Senior People's Home which supported by Nethersole Fund through CCC.


When we arrived in the senior people's home, the seniors and nurses were all singing Hymns in the courtyard to welcome us, and some seniors told us that they liked this senior people’s home very much because they felt the warmth from nurses and other seniors.



When we talked with seniors, one old lady in this senior's home told us that she is disabled in legs and she also has a hot temper. In the past, she always thought that the nurses were trying to persecute her while feeding her, so she broke the bowl in anger after she got the bowl from nurses during meal. But the kind nurse blamed no one; she just went to get another bowl of food for her and tried to feed the old lady again. But the old lady did the same thing again, so the nurse had to get another bowl of food again. It finally took three times, and she was finally touched by the nurse. She started to eat calmly and cooperatively. From that time on, the old lady takes the senior's home like her own home.



During the visit, we also learnt that there was another old man who is a little mentally ill. Before he came here, he tried to escape from a senior's home from the window in which he once lived, and he wash badly injured. So when he stayed here about one year ago, he could hardly move and eat, the nurse feed him each meal and took good care of him. Now he can not only have meal himself, but also walk.




The equipment of the senior people's home may not as good as those which running by other agencies in terms of equipment, but the nurses are serving the seniors with sincere love, that's the most important.




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