God’s Love Nourishes the Souls
Walk out of the Darkest Valley to the Light

In early July, staff from China Christian Council (CCC) visited the program for caring the drug addicts and AIDS patients in Dali, and he communicated with the program partners. The program aims to care about the people living with HIV/AIDS and drug adductors through spreading the information of drug treatment, AIDS knowledge and drug control by visiting the drug addicts and AIDS patients and organizing activities, which can help them to reduce the pressure from the family and the society as well.


The feature of the program is that the management staffs are also drug addicts and/or HIV carriers themselves. They can understand the people who take drugs or are infected by HIV. A sister and a brother were introduced by the people to take part in a church gathering; they were inspired and joined in the program. The targets of this visit are two of them.


They once were elites and also took drugs in the society. The drug led to the destruction of their families and themselves. Which is fortune is that they stopped taking drugs 6 years ago and they are in health now. They were introduced to the fellowship of the church. For this group of people live in closed environment and endure the huge pressure from their families and society, they are very sensitive. The fellowship is in a rented place which is not very open to public. And they can release their pressure and become calm in this fellowship, so they almost go there for bible study every day. Being very regretful, they also hope that they can help more drug addicts. They think that what they get from the program is the care like family members which is more than doctor-patient relationship.


According to them, the first half of this year, about 100 people know or have taken part in this kind of gathering by introduction. Even though in addition to the visits, only about 18 people attended the gathering each time, people all thought that it was a chance to share experiences and thoughts and they hoped that there would be a fellowship which belonged to them. Even there will be somebody taking drugs again; he or she will know that there is still a place where he or she can get help and trust, which is out of the addiction treatment centre.


Meanwhile, the gathering is also a good chance to spread the information about drug treatment, AIDS prevention knowledge and drug control to the people who take drugs or are infected by HIV because of drug. The management staffs and the attendants have the same identities, which can help to clear up the obstacles and persuade the people who are new here to get a treatment.


At present, the population of the people who take drugs or are infected because of drug is very large. Although we do not agree their behaviors, they need the help and care, and they need us to reduce the pressure from the families and the society.




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