Staff from Social Service Department of CCC Visited the Integrated Rural Development Project in Dingxi Prefecture

On July 4, staff from Social Service Department of CCC went to Dingxi Prefecture of Gansu Province to inspect the implementation of Dingxi Integrated Rural Development Project. This project provides the women with physical examinations and functional skill training. At the same time, it helps the farmers to build water cistern according to the serious drought condition. This project enhances the development of rural people through the “hardware” and “software” activities, especially helps the rural women to improve their livelihood.

In Daxiaping Village of Shiquan Township, our staff inspected the construction progress of 32 water cisterns (one for each household). Until now, about 20 water cisterns had been completed, and the rest will be completed from July to August.




At present, four sessions of trainings had been organized, including the common disease prevention, maternal care, common gynecopathy, the health care of the women, and agriculture production technology. In the second half year, the village will fully take advantage of the slack season to conduct more training on dry farming production skill and laws for migrant workers. Meanwhile, the project will provide the women with the physical examination.




Linkage: Almost all the households in Shiquan Township rely on the water cistern to meet the daily demand for drinking water. Even though, every household only generally has 1 or 2 water cistern now. The water is still very precious. Because of the large water requirement of the livestock, most households can not fulfill their fundamental drinking water requirement, not to say to raise a large number of livestock. It restricts the increase of income and the improvement of their life to great extend. Meanwhile, the bad natural condition increases the requirement for water cisterns. Like the drought in Gansu Province before June this year, without water-saving equipment, there was no harvest of crop. It is said that there are 30% of the households in the township needing to bring water far away this year, the nearest is Huining County. The expensive transportation makes the water 70 RMB per ton, which is really surprising. Therefore, the water cisterns play a more and more important role in the village. If it can be fulfilled that every household can have at least 2 water cisterns, it can resolve the drinking water problem of human beings and livestock, which can help the village to have a fast development.




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