A Letter from a student Helped by CCC

The time zips by. Many years ago, they had hopeful expressions in their eyes, hoping that they could go to school as the contemporary children did. Nowadays, some of them have graduated from the high school and will soon go to college. They have been sponsored by brothers and sisters, and they are the children who can feel the love from the God. The writer of the letter is the one who graduated from the high school and will soon go to college to build his beautiful life with the love and help from brothers and sisters. From now on, there will be more and more school-less children go to school and even college with the support of brothers and sisters. Please keep your attention to them!




Respectable brothers and sisters,
Thank you for your care and help. And also thank God for his pity on me. My mother is a Christian. After my mother divorced, I lived with my mother. Because of her illness, my mother was hospitalized in 2009. Although we had spent all the money we had, the illness was still not cured. She relied on HIM to cure her illness, and finally she came back to health. But there was nothing in my home and we lived with the help of others. I really appreciated that the God gave me love. Thank you, God. Thank you, CCC. And thank you, Anyang Christian Council for your help. I want to and will believe in God and finish my study in the college to serve the society. I will follow the example of the Jesus to help the people and show the good witness.




Yunnan Christian Council Visited Dongsa Village
Staff from Social Service Department of CCC Visited the Integrated Rural Development Project in Dingxi Prefecture