Yunnan Christian Council Visited Dongsa Village

Recently, the Yunnan Christian Council came to Dongsa Village, Dong Township, Zhenyuan County of Pu'er Prefecture, for site investigation and cooperation agreement signing for building a clinic at Dongsa village, which was sponsored by China Christian Council.

Dongsa Village is located in the Ailao mountain forests area, which has an altitude of 2,020 meters. The village has 469 families that it contains 1,769 people. In this village people to planting the tobacco is the main of location economic revenue, furthermore, the per capita annual income was just 860 Yuan.

Because of 90% of the local forest were protected areas in the forests, the villagers are limited in production and living space, food crops can not fulfill the food and clothing for the villagers. Almost planting tobacco revenues are used for food and clothing.

In addition, medical problems is also plagued the local villagers. After survey to know that the phenomenon of this village deficient in the clinic as a result of 30% of the villagers returning to poverty due to illness each year is very prominent.

In recent years, medical treatment and to address the drug problem in rural areas spent a lot of effort to carry out the basic medical insurance in rural areas, the state provided 200 Yuan per capita outpatient medicine, chronic diseases will provide 1,000 Yuan per capita outpatient drugs, hospital treatment can be reimbursed 70% of the cost.


However, there is no village health clinic, the villagers took 4,5 hours to be sick to get to the town hospitals for medical treatment, the patients for the villagers difficult, therefore minor illnesses dragged into a major illness, serious illness dragged into a serious illness, due to patients returning to poverty is very prominent.


To resolve the villagers medical treatment of the Dongsa Village, Christian Council Social Work Department of Yunnan Province after a long application and efforts by the Department of Social Services in China Christian Council villages were accumulated 44,750 Yuan, and local government support nearly 2 million for the construction of a building area of ​​80 square meters of brick-wood structure of the health room, including medical rooms, hospital rooms, pharmacy. When clinic is completed, it will solve more than 1,000 rural population of the nearest neighboring medical problems. Meanwhile, the province Christian Council also actively seek project funding for the lack of village health clinic of other minority villagers in nearby villages to solve medical problems.



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