Joni and Friends donated 300 wheelchairs

Recently, Joni and Friends from America came to Harbin to donated 300 wheelchairs for the people who need. On May 26, there was a grant ceremony for the donation held at Hallelujah Church in Harbin. President of Joni and Friends, Mr. Doug Mazi, attended the ceremony and witnessed this event. Mr. Yang Haixin from Harbin Religious Affairs Bureau also attended the ceremony and gave a speech of how grateful and respectful that he was, because of the generosity of Joni and Friends.



During the ceremony, volunteers from “Joni and Friends” have made fine adjustments to all the wheelchairs. An honorable disable volunteer also came to the ceremony, this volunteer was doing great effort by helping other disables adjust their wheelchair. Many others were touched by his spirit, motivation and his caring of other disabled people.




To help Harbin Christian church getting involved with more disable service. From May 27th-28th,“Joni and Friends” has had organized a training called “down from the ceiling”. The training consists of three components: planning, training, organization and distribution. These three different stages were designing to help organizing and planning more services for disables.


Even it was a short visit for “Joni and Friends”, however, its effort and influence for helping disabled people will stay with Harbin. And their lofty heart and their actions will inspire our people. Therefore, we will be continuing follow God’s will.




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