To Give Social-Marginalized People Hope and Love

Poverty and backwardness create a hotbed of disease, ignorance and indifference to AIDS, leaving the "AIDS fear” stir up the trouble and unrest. AIDS has invaded and cruelly beaten up this already poverty place. The fear of AIDS and the discriminatory attitudes of AIDS make this group of people more vulnerable.


But in Christ, everyone is equal. Just believing in this, Ma Rui has gone to countryside voluntarily to help prevent AIDS from spreading. Using his action and love to care every our brothers and sisters.


Even though AIDS is fearful, more fearful thing is the “ADIS fear” and people’s discrimination. To widespread the knowledge of what is AIDS, Ma Rui has decided to go to the most frequent AIDS area. By contact from the locals, she was realized that people in these areas have poor knowledge of AIDS and other medical information. Especially for women, they do not even know how to keep personal hygiene. Facing this situation, she was swamped because she knows these places are the hotbed for AIDS.


Even Ma Rui couldn’t hold for a special medical team, she still organized a small group of medical team to help this situation. In the past 7 year, her team and her have been to 50 different places and helped diagnosis more than 6000 women for free. And she has also provided free surgical treatment and after surgery service for over 2000 female patients.





"Disseminate knowledge, health surveys, provide treatment," which seems there are just short words, but it was extreme hard to achieve. She didn’t have specialized medical car, Ma Rui had her team carry pieces of medical equipments and travel using public transport. For places where public transport cannot reach, her team travel on foot for miles. Sometimes, the weather conditions were horrible, not only they need to keep the medical equipments dry and safe, they also need to mind their path for unexpected dangers. Sometimes, when they reach check point, even when they looked so terrible, their medical equipments are still clean and safe. Sometimes, this work is so hard, some people wanted to give up and some of them feels wrong, but when they look at the smile people has after them were treated, they felt it was worth it.




Since last 1980th, some American artists use red ribbon for memorizing their friends who has dead because of ADIS and also as a symbol of caring other ADIS carriers. These people need help, need care from the society. In order to help women who have ADIS, Ma Rui has set up a Chinese knots factory and provides jobs for this group of people. They can carry they work back home so they have flexible time. By doing this work, these people have increased their income by 20-50 Yuan daily.




We hope that there will be more people with big heart come and join us, to help us pray and care this group of people.



The third session of training on capacity building for church had been successfully held
An introduction of the Yanji Christian Council and Their Social Service