The Gynecological Diseases Prevention Project Starts Formally in Zhoukou of Henan Province

Note: The project aims to help the poor women in Zhoukou of Henan to raise their awareness of preventing gynecological diseases and build up their heath. The project started on March 30th, 2011. There will be 22 activities in 11 villages in Zhoukou for this project, which would help 3,250 women to master basic medical health care knowledge. At the same time,these 3,250 women will get free checkup, and 1,000 of them will get free treatment. All the women will have a medical file after checkup or treatment which will be kept in hospital, which records the detail physical condition and will be used as document for their future heath care and treatment.  


On March 30th, 2011, the first session of “Gynecological diseases prevention project” started formally in Chuanhui District Church of Zhoukou, which is supported by China Christian Council and Mission One World. The doctors from Zhoukou Gospel Hospital distribute the materials about preventing gynecological diseases to these women, and conduct training of women health care for them. The free service starts on the second floor of the church after the training. The staff helps each woman entering the room to fill up the forms about basic information, then the doctors write down the diagnosis information. If the treatment is needed, the doctor would draw up a prescription to the patient. In addition, every woman who comes and attends the training will get a bar of soap, hoping to help them prevent the gynecological disease from the basic personal hygiene. During the activities on 30th, there are about 150 women benefiting from this program.






On 31st March and 1st April, there will be two more sessions in the anther two AIDS villages. The doctors and staffs make detailed inquiries about each patient and their family carefully in order to give more clear suggestions of health care. 





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