The Dental Care Project starts on schedule

Aiming to extend the dental care information among the rural poor people and help some very poor people install man-made teeth, one dental care activity is carried out in Yanwa Church of Liangyuan District in Shangqiu City of Henan Province on March 28th ,2011, which is supported by Hong Kong Nethersole fund.

This activity in Yanwa Church will last two days. The publicity work is taken by experienced doctors in the dental care center owned by Shangqiu Church; there are about 50 brothers and sisters who attend the activity. The training teachers use the posters to share the information of dental diseases from the structure of the tooth, the source of dental diseases, the treatment of dental disease, and how to care the tooth, etc. According to the introduction of trainers, most of the villagers in Shangqiu have very little awareness of dental caring, and many of them even don’t brush teeth. There are even several old men without teeth for a long time; they want to install the artificial teeth in order to improve their living quality.




To strengthen the training result and conduct treatment for the patients on time who suffered from the teeth disease for a long time, the dentists take the equipments like burnish machine, turbocharged machine, plaster, resin teeth and some other equipment to the site. The free service starts at 2p.m. There are a lot of people waiting outside the free clinic room before 2 p.m.; most of them are the villagers of Yanwa including many unbelievers. When they heard the free service for dental care activity, they all rush for checkup and treatment. There were not only the little children but the aged men also in the crowd. In the whole course, the dentists examined their teeth carefully and with great patience, while providing them many services like teeth cleaning and repairing, medicine distribution, etc. A sister comes to exam her teeth after hearing the news, because she has toothache for a long time, She hopes her toothache would be eliminated after the treatment.





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