China Christian Council visits Yingjiang Earthquake Zone

On March 15th, staff from China Christian Council went to visit Yingjiang earthquake-hit areas in Dehong Daijingpo autonomous prefecture in Yunnan province. Visitors included: Pastor Yu wenliang, Pastor Shao liliang, Brother Ding biaolun from Yunnan Christian Council, and Pastor Mi Binxing of Dehong Christian Council.


Early in the morning, our first visit was to Anxi Church in Yingjiang. The church was damaged badly, one side of its spire and enclosing wall have crushed into the classroom beside the church.  Inside the church, there are cracks and flakes appearing on the walls and windows.





Next, we went to some believers‘ homes. Their houses were damaged by the earthquake, with cracks and flakes in the walls and ceilings. A four- storey high building where one elder is working (presbyter) collapsed to the ground, and two employees died. When we reached there, brothers and sisters in the church were helping to clear the site.





After Yingjiang earthquake, the church offered free water, lunch and dinner to victims at the temporary shelter. The daily cost is large, but produces a positive effect on society. Yunnan Christian Council bought some bottled water to send out the victims who received food. On the spot, we passed a bottle of water to an old woman holding a box lunch, she told us that she lives with her granddaughter; the rest of the meal in the lunch box was for her. The earthquake spoiled their house. They wonder how they will live in the future and where their next meal will come from. Pastor Yu wenliang from Yunnan Christian Council spoke to her and told her that she could get dinner at the shelter in the evening.






In that afternoon, we had a visit to several remote Churches. Their Churches suffered damage in the earthquake in different degrees. From the outside Cha Shan Zhai Church looked unaffected, but inside there were cracks everywhere. The local preacher lives next to the church, the ceiling of his house was shaken to the ground during the earthquake. He and his family were living in a self-made tent.






The Da tuanjie Church was only just established in 2009, the earthquake damaged its ceiling, its walls and its whole structure. The church needs rebuilding again. The local believers live in difficult conditions, many of their homes need rebuilding, which would bring them heavy burden. And they have no ability to rebuild the church.  





Mokong Church, which was damaged badly by the earthquake in 2008 and whose structure was strengthened by supports, was even worse after this earthquake. The local government banned any activity inside the church so the church only carried outdoor activities. Many of the local people are just living in makeshift roadside shelters and have no government tents.





China Christian Council will continue to focus on the disaster area and try our best to help them.


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