Staff from China Christian Council visit to Sha’anxi to inspect Ningqiang Rehabilitation Project

Note: The Wenchuan Earthquake also brought serious losses for Ningqiang county of Sha’anxi. China Christian Council together with Sha'anxi Christian Council decided to carry out a rehabilitation project in Ningqiang County. The project implemented last year provided: drinking water, electronic teaching equipment for Maobahe Junior and Elementary Schools. This project has now been completed. During the implementation process, China Christian Council and Shaanxi Christian Council along with local pastors visited the site to examine the project regularly.


On 22nd Feb, 2011, two staff from China Christian Council and Rev. Chen Dingliang from Sha’anxi Christian Council went to Maobahe Township to inspect and approve the rehabilitation project.







In the afternoon of February 22nd, three of them went to Hanyuan Christian Gathering Point after the inspection of the project and had a short meeting with the brothers and sisiters there who were taking theological training. This gathering point was formally approved recently, but due to the fund shortage, the church building hasn't been constructed. The training place was rented from village committee this time.




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