Formal Launch of Women's Capacity Building in Gansu

Note: This project aims to enchance women's awareness of medical care and to raise the women's status in the village by carrying out numerous related activities. In 2011, China Christian Council along with Gansu Christian Council and Anding Science and Technology Association, will provide one year of financial assistance to contribute to the comprehensive development of women's capacity in Daxiaping village of Shiquan town, Anding District, Dingxi Preferecture of Gansu Province


On February 14th, 2011, Mr. Ren, the head of Anding Science and Technology Association, and other members in association with Mr. Shi Guohua, the governor of Shiquan Township, went to Daxiaping Village of Shiquan Township to attend the performance organized by over 200 villagers.


The performance saw a skillful musical display gongs and drums and high attendance by the villagers. Despite the biting cold, the atmosphere was warm and happy smiles were on their faces.


In the opening ceremony, Mr. Ren gave a brief introduction to the project and the Chinese churches supporting this project and their hope in bringing Christianity to this village.


Later, in the village committee room, two famous doctors from CDC of Anding District and the Second People's Hospital of Dingxi Prefecture trained the local women in medical care, mainly in the areas of prevention and treatment of common female diseases. In conjunction with this effort, 150 relevant medical manuals were distributed to the attendant villagers.







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