Our Mission


Encourage churches to engage with society in order to glorify God and serve the people;

Strengthen international exchange and resource sharing, to establish a platform for communication between people in China and abroad.


Since Social Service Department of China Christian Council was established in 2003, we endeavor to develop social service work to meet the needs of the ever-demanding society, according to the Bible that says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served; he came to serve and to give his life to redeem many people.”(MARK10:45) We uphold the purpose of glorifying God, serving people, and encouraging churches to take the initiative to establish diaconal work, and set up the platform for the communication between churches and society. The love of God will spread by our action, from helping the community, to improving their productivity and life. Churches and society could experience integration at a deeper level through diaconal work. Nowadays, we have provided funds and technical support for churches in all the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China to carry out seven types of work.


Medical Treatment and Health


Imitating Jesus Christ, we set out to focus on the physical health of the people in the remote areas, arranging some programs such as free treatment and health care training with the accompaniment of the church clinics and some other organizations, which partly relieve the difficulty of getting treatment. We look forward to extending our work to more remote areas, promoting disease prevention among the poor, enhancing their quality of life. CCC/TSPM has held 13 series of Aids Prevention and Control Training Programs in Henan, Hunan, Shandong.


Homes for the Aged


After entering the 21st century, China is rapidly becoming an aging society. The empty nest phenomenon in homes of aged persons is soaring at an unprecedented pace. Some emotional problems such as melancholy, inferiority feelings and loneliness have overwhelmed many older people because of the lack of communication. Christianity calls for Christians to “love others as oneself”. On account of that, we will commit to ceaselessly improve the condition of these senior people’s home and provide a comfortable environment for the aged people by means of launching some professional training classes on geriatric nursing and aiding the senior people’s home with some essential equipment.




A Chinese saying is that “It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to educate the people.” Education underpins the long-term prosperity of a nation. With the development of China’s economy, the gap between the rich and the poor has widened dramatically, and the availability of educational resources varies greatly in different regions. Basic education in impoverished areas always lags due to poor facilities and inadequate teacher training, and children from the poor mountain villages are often forced to leave school because they cannot afford the costs. According to our cooperation with local churches, we will help the impoverished areas to refurbish the school houses, providing them the necessary appliances and books and subsidize the senior high school students and college students to finish their study.


Disaster Management


China is often afflicted by natural disasters which deprive many people of family and homes. In the face of such disasters, the teachings of Jesus call us to stand with those who suffer, providing both assistance and consolation. With respect for life, we will provide emergency supplies to meet their daily needs, to help them reconstruct their houses and resume their lives as soon as possible. Even a little help will help to bring much more warmth to them.


Social Welfare


Jesus loves the world. He never abandons the people forgotten by society. In the period of his evangelization, he cured many patients and left a lot of examples for us to follow. Following God’s steps, we will continue to pay attention to the care of disabled children and the marginalized people, such as those who suffer from congenital heart disease and hearing impairment.


Community Development


In both villages and cities, there are serious economic differences between people. In order to improve the lives of those in poverty and reduce the wealth gap, Chinese churches engage in infrastructure construction, educational training, medical services and comprehensive community management, and also work to improve the community environment and production skills.


Church Ministry


The growing number of Christians and the shortage of pastoral staff have become the bottleneck of the development of Chinese churches. The gospel has spread out through the work of the evangelists and Christians, so the greatest urgency for the church is the training of seminarians and preachers. CCC/TSPM provides financial aids to training centers and theological seminaries to help them with construction and building expansion, which has eased the pressure on churches greatly. Up to the present, 15 theological seminaries and 19 training centers has received assistance, to make sure the teaching schedule can stay on track. We also help the church buildings’ construction and reconstruction works in the needy areas and help to raise allowances for the seminarians who have graduated from theological seminaries, and serve in the impoverishment churches. At the same time, we connect the spread of the gospel with social service, take advantage of our belief, to carry out the social service work, for example, when people accept the gospel, they are able to overcome their drug habit.